Appropriate Body (AB)

All schools who employ Early Career Teachers (ECTs) need to be registered with an Appropriate Body. An ECT cannot start their induction until their appropriate body has been agreed.


Appropriate Body services are changing.

  • From September 2023 schools must use a Teaching School Hub (TSH) as Appropriate Body (AB) for all new ECT registrations.  
  • From September 2023 Local Authorities will be unable to register new ECTs.  They will cease operating as ABs from September 2024.  This two-stage withdrawal for LAs from AB services will allow the majority of ECTs who began induction in September 2022 to complete their induction without needing to transfer to a new AB.
  • From September 2024 TSHs will be the sole provider of AB services.  

We are working closely with Warwickshire LA and Coventry City Council to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.  


To register your school for our AB services please follow this link to our ECT Manager page: 


For more information please contact us: 

Becky Wheeler, Teaching School Hub Director

01788 843796

Sally Hewitt Teaching School Hub Deputy Director 

01788 843755